torsdag 12. juni 2008

Take a number - stand in line (h.loomis)


Came across a picture
just the other day
the way those eyes
looked at me
it was if you had something to say
I thought maybe - maybe for just
one second
you were sorry for makin' me cry
but I guess I'll
take a number - stand in line

Thought i knew what you were all about
I was foolish - as I could be
you've got your self a chain chain chain of fools
you made a fool of me
ice cold persuation - fall for it every time
so I guess I'll
take a number - stand in line


Step right up - for one free heartbreake
won't cost you nothing
but your peace of mind
he's the kind that finds pleasure in pain
and he wins every time.

Had to learn the hard way
you give up broken hearts for fun
you had me right were you
wanted me, baby - you kept me on the run
No woman in this world can ever
change you - baby
thats like changing water to wine
all the girls - just
take a number - stand in line



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